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Any book like Beat the Bitch by Tess Stimson which comes with a similar title promising you to help beat the other woman will definitely evoke extreme reactions among the female michael kors watches population. The author of the book, Tess Stimson says that 75% of the men have either cheated their spouses in the past or are likely to cheat in future. She claims she can guide women on how to detect the signals when the man in the relationship is thinking of cheating the wife.
michael kors outlet canada Marriage Is Hard Work
The verdict on the first few chapters of the book is not likely to go in the favor of the author. The women reading the initial chapters may even end up thinking they are being made to feel guilty for the sins committed by their men. The reasonable parts of the book come later when the author says marriage is hard work, michael kors watches canada not because there is a lot of dusting and other similar work to be done in the marriage. The book Beat the Bitch by Tess Stimson says both the partners in a marriage should feel valued in life.
Are You Romantic Enough?
When the woman in the relationship complains the man is not being romantic enough, she must do something romantic for him as well, says the book Beat the Bitch by Tess Stimson. Tess Stimson makes it clear whatever the readers do is their own decision. The women reading the book may either decide to stay back and fight or they may move on after dumping the man.
Your Best Friend
Tess Stimson just wants to play your best friend role in the book, and she won say michael kors outlet canada that all men are bastards, rather she says some are, but make sure yours also belongs to the same category. Some chapters also advise you on revenge and give you some practical financial advice. The moment your man leaves, chances are you would be left with nothing (it good if that not the case). If your man just notices the book Beat the Bitch by Tess Stimson in your bag, he may refrain from doing what he intends to do (cheating on you), though some women may like the last advice as the best ?'Don't Get Mad, Get Diamonds'.

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